Video Interview: Gwen Mwaba

The Africa Policy Journal sat down with Gwen Mwaba, the Director & Global Head of Trade Finance at the African Export Import Bank, for an interview. Ms. Mwaba was visiting Cambridge as a part of Harvard’s 2019 Africa Development Conference.



Listen to audio of this interview via our SoundCloud below

One thought on “Video Interview: Gwen Mwaba

  • June 13, 2019 at 2:31 PM

    Quite interesting! Yes we need infrastructures for inter African trade. Yes we need to abolish visas between African Countries. And yes we should create competition between potential investors and impose our own terms and not “sit back and rely on the West.
    Question: Why is anglophone Africa developing better than francophone Africa? if we want to create an economic United States of Africa how to get rid of France Afrique?

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